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I'm Devon. I'm a wanderer. I'm a soul searcher. I'm a writer. And I long to hold God's precious broken souls in my arms.

0 notes Hey tumblr! It’s been about forever and a year. But I’m just stopping by to share my dreams/passions coming true. Next July I’m going to Honduras on my second mission trip. I haven’t been on a trip in about two years and it’s been an interesting journey since then. I’ve wanted to embark on so many endeavors to reach God’s untouched people. It’s been hard to watch my friends and family go without me. But God has opened this door for me and He definitely had me waiting for the best. 
First of all, I am beyond blessed to even be allowed to go on a trip like this. I thought I would be joining a small team this year to travel to a country for a week and reach a good amount of people. This trip does not hold anything close to a good amount. It is a whole nation. The whole country of Honduras. 2,000 missionaries are being sent into the nation of Honduras and in one week they will be sent into high schools all across the country to spread the Gospel. And at the end of the week, we will all join in the capital where we are packing out arenas of 65,000 people to preach the Gospel. I am one of the 2,000. I can’t wrap my mind around the mightiness of God. How a president of a nation would agree to this week and make it a national holiday. Thousands of people are going to give their hearts to Christ. The revival will start. It’s starting now. And it doesn’t have to stop in Honduras. I hope to bring revival across the world one day. Starting here and ending somewhere else. 
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Believe in yourself.

Depression free for a year! Healing is in Your hands.

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Tick. Tock.
This is a clock.
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I can’t wait for college. I can’t wait to be in my English major even though freshman year is just cores. I can’t wait for my life to be filled with writing and poetry and English and JUST THAT. My creativity is leaving me in a way. I feel so dull and unimaginative all of the time. I feel like God is trying to take me out of my creativity and put me somewhere else because it’s all about me. I don’t want to be taken out. This is the hardest transition ever. Not going from high school into college; I’m not even there yet. But going from being totally creative to thinking of majoring in business. I hate everything to do with business. Why do I want to major in business?! Going from logical to practical. I am not a practical person, I never have been. Why am I changing like this? I don’t want to. Please God leave me where I’m at… I’m not ready for this. 

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It makes me so mad how flamboyant cutting is in our society. You all are so beautiful in every way and if any kind of voice in your mind tells you to do it, it’s not of God. You are stronger than your mind. You are stronger than any negative thought that comes your way. Through God’s strength, you can conquer anything! You were made for a purpose wilder than any of your dreams. You can get through this. When all of your hope seems lost, God will come through for you. 

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Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye Cover) by Ingrid Michaelson
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Hey little blue bird on my head  
Watching the world play dead 
Do you know how it feels to see
Lovers and brothers cursing at me

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Such a horrible book

And society thinks people like Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson are horrible, morbid writers. Well I found a new one: Susan Collins. I’ve never read such a deranged series as the Hunger Games. I am going to have nightmares. And I still never fell in love with Peeta. 

4 notes I think about two people have noticed I got my nose pierced today…
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and I just wanted to add


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4 more days?

So high school is almost over. And I don’t really know what to do with myself. I feel like all my confidence in what I wanted to do is gone. Maybe this is to keep me open minded? I sure hope so. 

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je t’aime

I’ve found a new obsession with France and horses. And it’s not cliche. I’ve just been so fascinated by these two. I hope to study in France someday. Of course, Paris to be specific.

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